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if you were looking for the opportune moment...
Flo's feeling: The current mood of Cassiell0783 at www.imood.com

That was it!
so when I meet a pirate....
Well, here it is:

Name: Flo
Status: Someone wants me! Yea! Whoo hoo!
Pastimes: Hanging out w/ friends, teaching sunday school, and anything artistic
Job: of course, I couldn't afford My Pontiac Sunfire w/out one. :) Whole Foods market, Sandy Springs (I just travel all over the Metro Area huh?)
School: Kennesaw State University! Yea!
Major: International affairs, yea bringing peace to the world!
Location: Marietta, Georgia

Movie: This is a hard one, either Lord of the Rings trilogy, or Harry Potter, they're both amazing!
Song: Too many to count, but gimme my BsB anytime!
Color: Blue, Green, Black, Purple (This one was hard too!)
Place: Anywhere exotic, or natural
Restraunt: Hehe....anywhere, as long as I don't have to cook!
Cartoon: Anything disney!
Anime: ALL!!! Especially Sailor Moon!

Welcome to the Caribbean, love
Poetry corner
Yo, check it out! I have a poem....I've been working on it for awhile too! Lemme know what you think, and if you can think of a title let me know! Thanks!

Talking daily
Always wanting to hear your voice
Wishing I could be nearer

Always remembering the first time we met,
Being extremely nervous
But being extrelemly excited

Enjoying the first moments we shared together,
Despising the fact we had to part
Longing for the next time we'd meet

Getting to know you,
Oh so much fun
Learning the good and the bad

Loving every second we spend together
The way you gently kiss me
Soaking in your smile and gaze

Knowing that I'm the luckiest person in the world
Because I have you
Who, to me is the greatest in the world,
and has me believing in love at first sight

Florence Kelley January 14, 2003
I give up....
Wednesday. 2.25.04 9:57 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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::sigh:: yes, I know....
Thursday. 2.19.04 10:47 pm
Yes people I know, I haven't updated in awhile...BUT, It'll be OK....

Hehehe....so let's talk about Valentine's day...::sighs with joy:: I woke up at like 8:30 and ended up at work around 11:30 (And yes, everyone flocked around me, because I was dressed up). Then I went to See Robert (YEA!!!) We went out to dinner at Pasta Bella's, that was SOOOO much fun....We ended up in the silver comet trail parking lot, and we talked and did some other stuff (NOT THAT! get your minds out of the gutter!!!) But yea....it was just nice to see him, because I haven't seen him in like 2 weeks...I think I'm going to be seeing him more often though, at least once every week....yea!!! ::sigh:: I just love him SOOOOOOOO much....(Yes, I wish he'd call too....make me feel better)

I also spent time with Rob and Jon Valentine's day.....::deadpan:: whoopie....but it was cool, we of course had bonding moments (and we learned a lot about each other too) but NOT like that....like past stuff. but that's besides the point.

I got a 85 on my Science test, and a 84 on my World lit test. That's great seeing as how I didn't study. BUT, I'm going to do better on the next tests. I should PROBABLY start studying for my Art test.....Nah....It's on Wednesday, I can wait until like sunday night (after I see robert) to study.

I've been hanging out with Rob lately...not always a bad thing, but you know, sometimes I feel like I'm his stand-in girlfriend...Or whatever,..::sigh:: You know, I'm glad that I have someone who I love so much, b/c I'd feel like he's leading me on or something....well, yea, I'm going to go to bed, because I need to get up in the morning....ttyl all!

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Match maker match maker make me a match...
Tuesday. 2.10.04 6:30pm
Hmmm...Much has happened this week.....or whatever the last time I wrote was. I put my ex-boyfriend and my best friend together....and what do you get...A HOT STEAMY RELATIONSHIP....Yes, it's official Jon and Rob are together....and who's brilliant idea was it? MINE! Yes, it was all me......::sigh:: I've warned Jon about what'll happen to him if he hurts Rob tho....I'm going to rip out his heart and feed it to him on a silver platter.....even after he's dead. Because ANYONE who hurts Rob has to go through me. I think the heart-ripping is too good for the ONE little tidbit of info I got last night, but yea.....Won't say anything about it here. Mandy, call me and I will tell...or IM me....hehe....anyways....I just found out that I am going to get my Samantha back today! Yea! She had adreanel surgury the other day and we almost lost her (she was in ferret heaven for a little bit) but she's back! Yea! I'm really happy! However, if I don't get to see Robert on Saturday, lord your going to know about it. I promise....b/c I took the whole day off so I could see him, and spend time with him, but I don't know if that'll happen or not yet, he can't make plans until the weekend because of his father (I understand, but I haven't seen him in over two weeks) ::sigh:: I'm going to go take care of Figment (Another ferret I'm watching) and try to re-arrange everything so I can stack my cages up the right way.

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Only go up...
Thursday. 2.5.04 10:14 pm
Well....let's see three entries in a week, this isn't going to happen again for awhile...but I'm having a LOT of crap going on in my life right now. (I'm sure I'm going to sound pathetic for this one)

First off, Robert IS going out of town on Valentine's day weekend....which means I'm going to be alone for the day (Again....::sigh::) since I changed my plans w/ Rob, and I'm NOT going to ask him to change whatever plans he has (if he has any, I'm tired of trying to have people schedule things when I want them to) but I'm hopefully going to see Robert on Sunday (If he's feeling better) But I honestly don't want to see people right now, I just want to sit at home, and do nothing....

Let's see how Feb. has gone this far.....
Sunday-Find out close friend dies
Wednesday-Robert has surgury (But it's minor so no biggie right? NOT!!)

Let's get into today shall we? Well, work sucked as normal. But my one ferret, Foxxy hasn't been a little off colour lately, so I asked my mom to talk to the shelter we were fostering her for, and maybe take her to the vet. My mom DID take her to the vet, and we found out she had a tumor in her tummy, which the only way to do anything about that was to perform surgury. And since she was 6 years old, there isn't any way that she would survive it, so they put her to sleep ::sob::. Also, today was when I found out Robert IS going to FL next weekend. I have two tests next week to study for (You know my minds NOT on that....Which I probably should start reading the textbooks huh???) I feel like I'm at the breaking point, and I haven't been there in a VERY long time, I think it was like Junior year since I've been like this (Jr. year of High School). I HATE depression....because no matter what anyone does, it doesn't help me. Right now I just feel like the WHOLE world is against me, and that I'm going to lose in one way or another. But I know what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, but sometimes you have to breakdown for that strength to occur. (Hey, maybe I should do some inspiriational speaking when I'm like this). But honestly, Saturday night, I'm just going to stay at home, and curl up and stay in bed all night. and not get up until 9 on Sunday morning ::hums Sunday Morning by No Doubt::

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I hate him!
Wednesday. 2.4.04 9:32 pm
So I went to school today, and it was normal...Until I went to Rob's (Yes, I'm still saddened by the death of Pee-wee) so he tells me he has a "date" with a straight guy....Big whoop right? Well....come to find out he really cares about this guy...(Surprise Surprise right?) Well...we're on the way to Target (For scented candles) and so he told me that he could see us in the future....we're married with kids! Now HOW THE FUCK can he even say that being gay....but GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! ::mutters a whole mess of cuss words that aren't even suitable to type:: Damnit, I hate it.....Don't freakin tell me this kinda stuff unless you're going to act on it in even the slightest....which he isn't anymore....grrr......::more cuss words:: WHY CAN'T I HAVE A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WITH ANY GUYS!?!?! Or at least be able to see my boyfriend more often, that'd be nice...::sigh:: I miss him so much....The affection, just being able to stare into his eyes, just being in the same vacinity as him just brightens my day. His surgury went well (For those who care) and he's feeling so much better, which is a good thing. I'm just hoping he calls me tonight before he goes to bed. He called me during Stat class. Yea, gave me an excuse to leave class...the teacher thought there was something wrong with me when I left, but I just had to make sure the love of my life was OK, and that everything went well....which is why he better call me tonight, but yea, I doubt that'll happen...he had a migrane earlier today, so he's probably already asleep. But I swear my typing's getting so much better because I've been doing stuff like this. More typing is good...but you know, I just keep getting ideas about this whole thing. it's cool tho....because I'm not going to act on them tonight.....I'm going to go to bed now....have a good night all!

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In Memory...
Tuesday. 2.3.04 9:48 pm
So, a lot has happened in the past few days to everyone. Here's my little end of everything....

Super Bowl Sunday, It was OK, I slept in after being with Rob until 1 am (And some GREAT cappichino). But besides that....I found out that one of my close Childhood friends died sometime during the weekend (Hey, Mom's ex-fiancee is good for something) from a Heroin overdose. I'm now at the greiving stage in that, so almost everything brings me to tears right now. I'm hoping to be able to go to the funeral, but it's a 12 hour drive each way, and no one wants me going alone. But I'll be accomplishing a lot by going. I'll be able to see Dad's and Grandpa's graves (I've been wanting to do that for awhile). I'll also get to see my best friend of 13 years, so that's totally exciting. (That's where I'll be staying if I go, which is why I won't be able to take anyone with me). But it totally sux why I'm going. He'll at least be able to be with his sister again (He has always blamed himself for her death) She died of a brain tumor when she was like 8. I remember being there to cosole him during the whole funeral, and even afterwords. I'm upset about his death mainly because it was TOTALLY preventable. If his parents would have made him go into rehab, then they wouldn't be having to bury their only child, of 22 years of age. DON'T DO DRUGS!!!!! Because it only brings grief to everyone. But also, if they wouldn't of let him hang out with the person who introduced him to drugs to begin with, then that would have helped prevent it too. ::sigh:: It's really hard to go through everything right now, It's like I'm going through motions, and that I'm not myself. I just keep on going back to the last time I even saw him, I never got to tell him good bye or that I loved him or anything like that, and now I can't. I mean I'm sure he knew, but do you really know? I keep on going back to the movie Butterfly Effect. If anyone could prevent the one event from happening, then what could have changed? The one event that he blamed EVERYTHING on....::sigh:: I hope the person who was with him rots in Jail, because I'm going to seriously hurt him if I EVER see him.......

On another note, Robert's having surgury tomorrow on a sist or something (He's been completely doped up, so I haven't really gotten to talk to him) so that means that I'm dying to even talk to him. So you KNOW I can't wait to see him....it's been almost two weeks (again!) ::sigh:: I don't know if I can handle this...he says we'll see more of each other after this, well, I hope it's true. Because this once a week crap sux totally, but I'll deal with it until it can be more. Sooo....I'm trying to get everything here at the house ready for VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm outie!

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